If you buy the Nintendo Switch and avoid picking up any extra accessories, the only way to charge the Joy-Con controllers is to have them slid onto the Switch’s screen unit. Once charged and removed, the Joy-Cons will each feature 20 hours of battery life before needing juice, though that could decrease over time with use.

That grip that comes with the Nintendo Switch for the Joy-Con? You know, this one?

Nintendo Switch - 18

That doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons. You’ll need a separate accessory entirely if you want that.

Enter the Joy-Con Charging Power Grip

If you want to charge the Joy-Con while you play in a more standard controller fashion with the Nintendo Switch on your TV, you’ll need the Joy-Con Charging Power Grip. It’ll sell for $29.99.

Nintendo Switch - 15

This, of course, needs to charge in order to charge the Joy-Con while in use. That’s a lot of charging. Good thing 20 hours is solid battery time. I’ll just need to remember to put the Joy-Con back on the Switch in docked form when I’m done.