There’s a chance that if you consume Nintendo Switch information at a constant clip, you’ll know most of what’s in the video below. Personally, there were a few things I was unaware of.

Nintendo grabbed Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi to help them dish out five things that fans might not know about the platform. The result is, of course, mixed; but, like I said, there are a few tidbits in here. Dig in.

The first fact has me scratching my head

The group points out that during design, Nintendo initially intended for folks to put the Joy-Con into the grip at a diagonal instead of its current vertical design. The change came for the sake of comfort, but I couldn’t even imagine playing with the Joy-Con slanted.

Until I considered how the analog stick and button layouts on traditional controllers are at an angle. Take a look to see what I mean here.

Right, the button and stick arrangement is normally diagonal. This is something I hadn’t even considered until now.

The Nintendo Switch launches this Friday, March 3.