There might be a new Switch introduced next year. In a report from the Wall Street Journal, it’s stated that Nintendo has started planning an upgraded model and wishes to release it sometime next year despite the current model not being anywhere near exhausted. So it’d be more like premium alternative while the existing Switch sticks around as low-cost gateway to the platform.

Nintendo didn’t respond to the story, but there’s speculation that it’ll throw in a better LCD display. While an OLED display would be the best option, that’s a little too expensive for the Japanese company’s style. All of its hardware tends to be more affordable.

The LCD display on the new Switch could be sharper and brighter. Aside from that and slightly stronger chip, it’s hard to imagine what Nintendo will do here.

On the business side, Nintendo might be using the upgraded model as a method to spark sales. The Switch continues selling well, but upgraded hardware always regains high interest and moves units. Microsoft and Sony have released the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro in the last few years, respectively.

Even Nintendo dips into the same platform throughout its life cycle. For the 3DS, we’ve seen numerous variants that are larger and some that lack multi-dimensional capabilities. The report also suggests that developers are waiting on Nintendo to discuss its future in handheld gaming.

Its next earnings report takes place on October 30, and that’s when Nintendo could mention where the 3DS goes from here and if there’s direct successor in development.

The Switch, meanwhile, will be busy during the holidays and into 2019. Games like Super Mario PartySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are approaching. Nintendo’s also done a spectacular job attracting third-party titles to the Switch since launch.