Thanks to the efforts of Hamster Corporation and the extensive SNK library, the Nintendo Switch has suddenly found itself as a bastion for the fighting game crowd. The funny part of it is that Super Smash Bros. hasn't even been announced yet!

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is widely considered to be the highlight of SNK's fighting game outings and one of the best fighting games ever made. The Nintendo Switch will see it hit its digital shelves on May 11.

For years, the game garnered an unprecedented reputation for its slick, turn-of-the-millennium Japanese style and hardcore technical fighting. The fact that it was so limited in its distribution also added to the "Holy Grail" appeal of it as well.

Nowadays, it is frequently ported to different consoles and is much more widely available than ever before. Its recent PC port has been torn apart by fans for performance issues, but the PlayStation 4 version is considered to be the strongest. The Nintendo Switch version is said to not have an online mode built in, but this was to account for the idea that you would want to take your Switch and play head to head with friends. Perfect for me because that's the only way I enjoy fighting games.

ACA doesn't have a Nintendo Switch trailer just yet, so I'll post the PlayStation 4's below. It's pretty much the same thing.

Where to start your fighting game collection?

The Nintendo Switch's SNK library is opening up many gamers to the excitement of 90s fighting games, and many are feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start. If you want my advice, and I am a casual fan at best, you should pick up two games right away, one to represent different spectrums of the fighting game scene.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is best for serious fighting enthusiasts who love the small tinkerings of mechanics and memorizing attack animations down to the exact pixel. If you're more of a casual fighting fan and just want to have fun with big, goofy characters, WakuWaku 7 is the best place to start.

I haven't played King of Fighters 98 yet, but fans often point to it as a happy medium between the two.

And then, go ahead and wait for whatever Super Smash Bros. game Nintendo can cook up for this generation.