According to the announcement, GameStop says gamers should call their local branch before going to the store to confirm if the consoles are available yet. However, don’t take too long on the phone, because GameStop says that the Switch is expected to go fast and many stores are only receiving a limited quantity.

In regards to lining up early, GameStop again suggests calling your local store first for more details. In the meantime, it is “working really hard to meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology.”

Normalcy is just around the corner

I’m struggling to contain my cynicism, but I could have sworn that Nintendo said the Switch wasn’t going to meet the same shortage issues that the NES Classic Edition saw. Well, we’re several weeks deep now, and we still have yet to right the course of the Switch’s availability.

I’m certain Nintendo is going to get it turned around much faster than it did the NES Classic Edition. After all, its entire business model relies on Nintendo Switch systems in homes across the country. This is bigger than a sentimental, one-time Christmas present. All consoles have launch shortages, yes, but we can dream of a day when someone finally gets it right.

And it will probably be Microsoft or Sony.