Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

The Nintendo Switch is a region free console. During the reveal event last week, Nintendo announced that they were dropping region restrictions. Without clarification, most assumed this applied to the console and the game’s cartridges. It goes further than that, though.

The Nintendo Switch’s digital stores are also region free. You just need to connect a country to your account. Even better news? Each console can support eight accounts.

The official news comes from Nintendo while speaking with Kotaku.

The Nintendo Switch system is not region locked, but we recommend that players buy games within their region to ensure full service and support. The user will access the Nintendo eShop that corresponds to the country identified in their Nintendo Account. (Up to eight user accounts can be created on a single Nintendo Switch system.)

I have a plan for this!

I’ll have one account just for my home region, while I’ll make another for Japan. That’s only two of the eight possible accounts used on the Nintendo Switch. That way, I can play my games without worry of support issues or language barriers; but, when a Japanese game launches that looks amazing, I’ll just switch (heh) accounts and enjoy.

This region-free stuff is fantastic. Kudos, Nintendo. Thanks for making a modern decision with this one.