Nintendo’s posted a new video that goes over every single piece of the hardware that consumers will receive if they pick up a Nintendo Switch. It covers the system, screen, Joy-Cons and capabilities.

It even highlights how the system can be played. Sure, there’s the on-the-TV mode and going portable. The video details how many Switches can play together over a local connection (8), the kickstand for tabletop play away from home and the various ways the Joy-Con can be held.

It’s a solid video, have a watch:

Nintendo doesn’t seem keen on repeating the Wii U

When the Wii U was first revealed, consumers initially had no idea that Nintendo was making a new console. Their insistence upon reusing the Wii’s brand while showing the GamePad had folks thinking all Nintendo was releasing was a new controller for the Wii. I don’t blame them.

Here, with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s trying desperately to avoid confusion. They’ve rebranded their console, they’re offering a concise marketing message and they’re releasing videos like this one that carefully run over every detail for the system.

Will that translate to sales? We’ll find out this year. The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3, 2017.