Colorware is a company notable for adding color to your favorite tech products, ranging from MacBooks to smartphones. It most recently added AirPods to its list of customizable products, and now you can add the Nintendo Switch to that list.

The areas Colorware lets you color include the Joy-Con controllers, the back of the console, including the Switch logo, the kickstand, and the front part of the dock. Unfortunately, you can’t paint the front portion of the console.

Colorware offers 58 different color combinations—29 in solid grading and 29 in metallic grading—and they are all available in two tones: matte or gloss.

Customization doesn’t come cheap

The customization is pretty sweet, but the price isn’t. If you just color the console and the Joy-Cons, it will run you $499—a $200 premium over the regular $299 price tag. If you opt to color the front part of the dock, that’ll run you an additional $50, bringing the total to $549. After you spend all that money, you have to contend with the extensive wait time. Colorware’s website states the Switch will ship out in about six to eight weeks.

We checked out Colorware’s customization options and its pretty intuitive and straightforward. We selected a Switch system to don the TechnoBuffalo colors, which you can check out in the gallery above.