Easily the worst thing about the Nintendo Switch is its kickstand. It’s flimsy, non-adjustable, and incredibly annoying to use. Frankly, it undermines what is otherwise a gorgeous and utilitarian piece of hardware.

Luckily, Nintendo is finally throwing Switch owners a bone, over a year after the portable console was introduced.

The company on Thursday introduced an adjustable stand that allows gamers to play in tabletop mode while also charging the Switch.

It’s a simple solution to a major pain point Switch owners have endured for far too long. Namely, when the Switch is in tabletop mode there’s no way to charge it because the charging port is on the bottom of the console. That’s poor design.

The new adjustable charging stand from Nintendo should have been available from the beginning, but better late than never. The accessory will be available on July 13 for $19.99.