Nintendo and the City Dads Group partnered up at the L.A. Public Library in order to host a “Build, Play, Share” workshop. It was open to all ages, but the photos that accompanied the press release we got this morning showed a bunch of happy kids.

The event paired dads with their kids in teams to learn about, build and share levels in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. Pretty awesome, right?

The release included a statement from Nintendo of America Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser (yep, dude’s name is Bowser) that nearly nails the importance of stuff like this for kids.

“With the recent national push for more STEM programs for children in schools, partnering with City Dads Group and the Los Angeles Public Library was a great opportunity to highlight the level-design capabilities of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS…This exciting event helped introduce a new playtime activity for the digital era that families can enjoy together.”

Nintendo to offer assets for other orgs to host these workshops

There’s a line in the press release that I’m personally holding onto for my kids and the groups we’re involved with.” In addition to this event in Los Angeles,” the presser reads, “video assets will soon be available on the Play Nintendo website for other organizations to access so they can host their own ‘Build, Play, Share’ workshops.”

Awesome. I’d like to set one of these up.

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