The verdict is still out on if Nintendo’s online subscription plan will be worth it. At $20 a year, the value will probably pay for itself in the end, but those of us who had dreams of the Switch becoming the ultimate Nintendo retro gaming machine are not yet convinced that the handful of NES classics that come along with it are going to help the console reach its full potential.

Regardless, Nintendo is trucking along to hype the service, pointing out that Super Mario Bros. 3 will be among the first games available in a new Twitter post.

If you need an NES game to hype the service, this is definitely the one to do it. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a bonafide classic masterpiece with enough multiplayer portions to entice players to try it online.

Especially those who weren’t lucky enough to get an NES Classic Edition.

However, is there really no better feeling in video gaming than forcing your friends in versus matches, shaming them in utter defeat, and stealing their 1ups… when they’re sitting right next to you? I’m failing to see how such shame can be felt through an internet connection.