Devil's Third

Rumors about Nintendo's apprehensiveness to release Tomonobu Itagaki's hardcore action game Devil's Third on the Wii U in North America seem to have been somewhat exaggerated. Unseen 64 reported earlier in the week that Nintendo wished to distance itself from the title because of quality control and that the company had found a different partner to handle the release.

The game also failed to turn up at E3 this year, which sparked some notice especially since Nintendo claimed it only showed games coming out in the near future. This is indeed is the case for Devil's Third in other parts of the world, or so we thought.

However, Nintendo took to Twitter to shoot down the rumors, claiming that it has news for the release and that it is "excited to be bringing" the game to the United States, hinting that it still is in control of publishing duties.

I'm still not convinced of Devil's Third's quality, though. Maybe Nintendo of America isn't wrong in wanting to distance itself from the game, if that is indeed the case. Itagaki has been known for making really raw games with excellent gameplay that require a lot of expectation twisting to truly enjoy. Either way, that is a decision for the gaming audience to make, not Nintendo's.

However, if we have another game which gets slammed for performance issues upon release, just remember, you have fair warning this time around.

Devil's Third will be released on Aug. 4 in Japan, and it will shortly follow on Aug. 28 and 29 for Europe and Australia. North America does not yet have a firm release date.