There’s a lingering problem among the squidlings in Splatoon 2. After ending on friendly terms at the end of the first game, the two Squid Sisters are possibly not on speaking terms anymore.

The latest “Prologue” update on the official website suggests that Nintendo worked the last Splatfest’s final results into this second game’s plot with Marie taking an impressive victory over Callie. Family-friendly Nintendo would like you to believe that Callie admitted defeat and was a total good sport about it.

And yet, the ominous words “Or so it seemed at the time” hangs over this whole plot. Nine months after the final Splatoon update and nine months later in the game’s universe, Callie is still nowhere to be seen, and Nintendo is pretty much spelling that these two are feuding after all this time.

Nintendo will host a tournament this year

While we await the fates of our two heroines, Nintendo also took the opportunity to announce a pre-release tournament at E3 2017, similar to the Super Smash Bros. one it held back in 2014.

Splatoon 2 will launch shortly after E3 2017 on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch.

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