Nintendo has ramped up their advertising budget significantly over the years. I can remember when the company was accused of not advertising their titles enough in the years and months following the early success of the Wii. Now? In June of 2017? Nintendo’s dropped some serious bucks.

GamesBeat has it from, a company that monitors advertising thanks to smart TVs, that Nintendo outspent all other game makers, large and small, on TV ads in June 2016. They even produced a perfect chart.

Nintendo spent roughly $6.6 million on seven TV spots that aired more than 2,500 times. has it that they pulled in roughly 283.3 million impressions over all of those promos.

The most they spent was on a commercial for ARMS. The company aired ads during the NBA Finals as well as across Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Comedy Central.

The next closest individual gaming group buying ads was PlayStation. That spent around $3.7 million for five spots that only aired 494 times.  They also hit the NBA Finals, as well as animated comedies like Family Guy, American Dad and South Park, showing their aim at a more adult audience.

Also of interest here is King, the maker of Candy Crush. Their ads aired during, of course, daytime soaps and cooking shows. Who would have guessed?

This granular look at TV marketing is fascinating.