Nintendo won’t be releasing any smartphone games between now and the end of 2016. The game and console maker partnered with DeNA to make mobile games, but they elected to push their work into 2016 to increase quality.

While they haven’t revealed any genuine games yet, beyond Miitomo (which isn’t really a game), DeNA execs have slowly but surely started talking about what’s the come. Speaking during a recent earnings briefing, DeNA Chief Executive Isao Moriyasu explained that the first batch of Nintendo smartphone games will rely on microtransactions for revenue generation.

“Games currently in the pipeline are all free to play…”

It’s impossible to say what type of free-to-play Nintendo will experiment with first. Will they go with timers and boosts like they did with Pokemon Shuffle? Or, will Nintendo move towards a more free-to-try model like what they’ve done with their free 3DS offerings like Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball? Players can download that game for free, but it’s more of a demo than the real thing. Unlock the full game from within takes real money.

Only time will tell at this point. I just hope their free-to-play model is a satisfying one.