What you need to know

  • Nintendo showed off gameplay for Luigi's Mansion 3 during its E3 Direct event.
  • Among the updates is a new Poltergust with new abilities like Slam and Burst.
  • There is also a new Gooigi that helps Luigi navigate through the haunted hotel.

One of the major titles Nintendo talked about during its E3 Direct event was the hotly anticipated Luigi's Mansion 3. In the game, you play as Luigi, who is trapped in a haunted hotel and must evade ghosts to survive the night.

Nintendo had previously given us some glimpses of the game, but this time it expanded on some of the added capabilities, controls, and multi-player modes coming to the title.

Among the major new additions is the brand new Poltergeist G-00. It has enhanced capabilities that will suck up pesky ghosts including Slam, Suction Shot, and Burst.

Slam lets you inflict more damage on the ghost's HP to make it easier to suck up. Suction Shot shoots a plunger that can attach to objects, letting you destroy furniture and other items. The last is Burst, which comes in handy when a group of ghosts gang up on you. It releases the powerful air pressure of the Poltergust to blow away the ghosts.

Luigi's Mansion is also adding a brand new feature courtesy of Professor E. Gadd called Gooigi. Think of him as your gooey sidekick that can do everything Luigi can't: slip through metal fences and walk through metal spikes. Better yet, play with another friend as both Luigi and Gooigi. There is only one downside to Gooigi—he doesn't play well with water.

Among the multi-player modes Nintendo added is a new one called ScareScraper Mode. You can play with up to eight player in local or online co-op before a timer runs out. Along the way you must find misplaced Toads and conquer other challenges.

Nintendo still hasn't to announced a release date for Luigi's Mansion 3 aside from saying it'll come out in 2019.

Catch some ghosts

Luigi's Mansion 3

Explore the haunted hotel as Luigi and Gooigi

Luigi's Mansion 3 is going to take Luigi back to a haunted hotel where he'll have to deal with a lot of pesky ghosts. Luckily, he'll have company this time courtesy of his new clone, Gooigi

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