Super Mario 3D World - 11

Nintendo has a plan for mobile phones!? Third party confirmed!?

Relax, the news has been out for quite some time that Nintendo had been experiencing with apps and mobile phones for quite some time to help get the word out there about their games. The Japanese business magazine Nikkei believes that the Big N is ready to confirm what we already know, apps and small tastes of the bigger games.

These tastes are mostly to take the form of mini games to remind people all the fun they could be having on a nice slick Nintendo console while they are gaming away on their smartphones. I dabbed in mobile games for a year before turning back to Nintendo, tail tucked between my legs like a sinner before the gates of heaven. Luckily, Nintendo welcomed me back with open arms, and it didn't even need an app to do it.

With Japan going totally mobile these days, it's a smart move to remind people of all the quality gaming investments they could be making on a Nintendo 3DS instead of the iOS. Everywhere I go, people game on iPhones, so there is no harm and no foul in Nintendo simply pushing these people back in line.

The videos and mini games are expected to be released through an official Nintendo app, which I will most certainly be downloading if it isn't region locked like the PlayStation one is.

Whatever the announcement is, don't get your hopes up on New Super Mario Bros. iOS Edition, because it ain't happenin'.