It's weird to consider that Nintendo has already conceded the fact that the banner feature and tech in their latest handheld may not be its strongest offering. Kotaku ran a story today covering Nintendo's famed Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto's discussion about the non-necessity of 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

The talk happened during a behind-closed-doors roundtable between Nintendo and the press at E3. Miyamoto expanded on what many 3DS owners likely already know about and do whenever they play. He discussed the fact that a lot of users play with the 3D slider all the way off. That decision essentially turns the 3DS into a 2D gaming device. But Miyamoto says that he and Nintendo understand that.

"There are times when people are going to want to play in 2D anyway…I think it's fair for people to say, 'Oh yeah, for this section of the game, I'm just going to turn the 3D depth slider off.' And, in other parts of the game, they may want to turn it on. I think that's a perfectly acceptable way to play the games."

As a gamer, I can completely attest to the fact that I play in 2D more often than I play in 3D. What Miyamoto doesn't address in this discussion is why people may want to disable the 3D illusion on their device.

You can probably assemble the list of reasons in your head right now; even if you don't own the handheld yourself. People disable the 3D on the 3DS because of the damage it causes battery life, the strain it forces on eyes and the fact that the illusion is broken if the 3DS is not held in a certain sweet spot.

News like this obviously serves as a platform for Nintendo discontents to stand up and cry foul; however, what about those among us that enjoy their handheld? Where do you stand on the use of 3D?

[via Kotaku]