Nintendo Power is shutting down. If you didn’t already know, the magazine will end its almost 25 year run with more than 200 issues published. This month marks the very last issue of their publication.

The cover they chose to end their run with is outstanding. Speaking as a long time Nintendo Power reader, this final cover had me a little choked up. Here it is, directly next to the first issue published for the magazine.

The cover images were submitted to Reddit by Redditor bestcoastwesttoast. At the time of drafting this article, the submissions sits at the very top of the most popular Gaming focused subreddit.

The closure of Nintendo Power marks another sad note in the gaming magazine industry. Future Publishing picked up the rights to publish the magazine, a task once operated by Nintendo themselves, in 2007. Those rights have expired, and Nintendo elected to not renew them. Future is, thus, closing the magazine.

Did you read Nintendo Power growing up?

[via Reddit]