Nintendo has had no problem capitalizing on the nostalgia of the NES and SNES with emulator consoles, but what about the Game Boy? The handheld is already very small, and I don’t think I could fit a mini-version in my adult hands!

Nintendo might have the answer we’re looking for when it comes to Game Boy nostalgia. A patent, dug up by Siliconera, filed by Nintendo on March 26 hints that they’ll be further investing in smart devices somewhere down the line.

The patent shows a Game Boy shell, designed to have usable buttons while it holds the smartphone safely inside. A conductive sheet inside will activate the touchscreen, allowing the buttons to be used just like on a traditional handheld console, and a gap in the case will display the screen in a similar fashion to the old Game Boy

Other areas will be left open too, like the top and bottom, allowing it to be charged and giving free space to the phone’s speaker.

The big question is not whether or not this turns into a legitimate emulator for the Game Boy.

The big question is whether or not Nintendo will use black and white… or the four shades of booger green.

Either way, I’m game. You wanted Pokémon on your iPhone or Android device? Here’s your option. Me? I want to play me some Gargoyle’s Quest or Kid Icarus.