Did you get your NES Classic Edition this past weekend? I certainly didn’t, and chances are you didn’t either. Amazon crashed, stores ran out of stock almost instantly, and the few that made it into the wild turned up on eBay with an inflated price tag that jumped nearly 1000 percent over the retail value.

It’s like the amiibo all over again, and Nintendo is going to continue to struggle to keep the product in circulation for quite some time, just in time for the holiday shopping!

Hopefully, many of you will be able to get one before Christmas.  Nintendo assures that your chances will be better when more waves hit retail.

When will Nintendo ever get this right?

I’m sorry, but Nintendo has become the absolute worst at making sure its products can be bought right out of the gate. The rise of digital video games meant we were supposed to never deal with shortages again, but this dream had to cave in somewhere. Physical consoles and fun side products like the NES Classic Edition and amiibo are set to become the ire of gamers in their place.

Nintendo knows that its products are in high demand with its rabid fan base, and it knows that the mainstream press will give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to nostalgia-fueled items. I’m pretty sure every soul in the free world saw that reveal trailer and knew they would be in the majority of gamers who wouldn’t be playing the device on Christmas morning.

The company has become surgical in its ineptitude to meet holiday demands. Better luck next time, whenever that will be.