On August 16, 2016, Nintendo patented a new controller as part of a game system. As with all patents, simply patenting a design does not necessarily mean that the company will use it at any point.

This does, however, provide a glimpse into at least one of the things Nintendo is working on for its future products. Some have suggested that the Nintendo NX controller will be modular in nature, and that’s certainly what this patent shows. However, take this as nothing more than official concept art for an idea that the company hasn’t even formally announced.

With that aside, this looks pretty neat. The notion that Nintendo will release a controller with a screen built in that lets players adjust input styles on the fly by swapping out whole components is an interesting one. I’ll admit that I immediately don’t like the idea of having to buy additional accessories or keep track of pieces and parts, but the idea itself is a unique one.

If this does somehow become a part of the Nintendo NX’s design, what do you think?