Satoru Iwata has delivered two pieces of information from two separate sources over the last day or so. VG247 was kind enough to do the digging and round both quotes up into a single article. First, in the Asahi Shimbun, Iwata indicated that the company is looking to spread the 3DS to even more users than the DS ever achieved. That one's a bit obvious, given the nature of desired growth by a company.

In the same interview, Iwata also dropped some very early details about the certainly inbound Mario title for the 3DS. The President of Nintendo very briefly explained that the company is working on a new Mario game and that it will make special use of the 3DS' capabilities. While it ain't much, it definitely gives players an idea of the potential direction of a new game featuring the world's favorite plumber.

"[Mario can] strike blocks that are floating in the air…We're making software that is packed with the kinds of surprises and enjoyment that the 3DS can deliver.."

In the separate source, Yomiuri Shimbun Online, Iwata delivered a few quotes regarding both the 3DS and the Wii. He cited the 3DS as a mass consumer device capable of delivering 3D movies and trailers to users on a portable level. I've translated the note specifically:

"The 3DS is the first widespread 3D playback device. We've had various propositions from both the film and music industries. Hollywood movie trailers, original stories and picture books (that make use of the 3D imagery) are being discussed."

Finally, Iwata indicated that the current Wii will be the main home platform for a while. Once again, translated:

"It's only four years since [the Wii's] launch. In a year's time in the U.S. upwards of 7 million units will sell, and I don't think that's the limit…"

Iwata goes on to explain that software developers are not done surprising us with the Wii and its capabilities. He adds that they are not currently considering a successor to the Wii.

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