Nintendo’s first dip into the mobile marketplace released late last week in Japan. In its first three days, Miitomo managed to see one million users download the app and dive into the service.

Following that news, Nintendo saw its shares shoot up more than 8%.

Miitomo is more of a social network and messaging service than it is a game. I wrote about the strange and awesome app over the weekend, and I contend that the title could be incredible… but Nintendo has an uphill battle on its hands. These early numbers would suggest I was off. Good news for me, then, more people to take goofy photos of.

The crazy thing to me is that Miitomo isn’t even Nintendo swinging for the fences. It’s hard to say what the company will do in the coming months and years on mobile; but, if it produces something mobile-focused with a ZeldaMario or even Metroid brand? That game could crush, especially if the silly messaging app did so well in Japan in just a few days.

The western world is still waiting on Miitomo. If you want to try it for yourself, you’ll need to follow some unique instructions. I’ve covered that here. It’s available for both iOS and Android. In the meantime, here’s my Mii in a Miifoto with the goods.