The Wii U has found its Wii Sports. Nintendo Land is a clever little compilation of mini games that is designed to show of the Wii U's main technological draw, the touch screen controller. On the service, its cool music and charming graphics might be a turn off for the gamers who take themselves too seriously, but take a minute and really glace at what you're looking at.

Nintendo Land presents itself as an amusement park for your avatar to explore. Each attraction in the park refers to one of Nintendo's big time franchises, and they've really dug pretty deep into the library for a few of these. Of course, the main draw will be Nintendo's usual suspects: Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, F-Zero, and an especially fun looking Metroid mini game. Each of the games are watered down into charming casual visions of their true selves, much like a LEGO game.

Most out of place though are two long forgotten Nintendo franchises. Balloon Fight, a very early NES launch title, will be receiving its first sequel in nearly twenty-seven years in the form of Balloon Trip Breeze.

Another, probably unknown to most American gamers, is Nazo no Murasame Jo, a Famicom Disk-System game released only in Japan. This game is so obscure that its hero was even given screen time in the Japan only Wii game Captain Rainbow, an adventure game that pokes fun of forgotten Nintendo legends.

At any rate, this is a smart package from Nintendo. It's easy, cute, and most importantly, accessible to newcomers. Unlike Wii-Sports though, Nintendo had the wits to base each mini-game off of one of its classic franchises, leaving the massive fanbase accounted for. Even the most hardcore of retro gamers might not be able to refuse another Balloon Fight or the charming nod to Nazo no Murasame Jo.

Again, covering the entire spectrum. Nintendo Land will be an exclusive launch title accompanying the Wii U on November 18th.

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