The design of the Nintendo Switch is unique, just like almost every other system from the company. The Switch might even be the first game console to inspire someone to make a stuffed animal. That, Nintendo says, was on purpose.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Takashi Mochizuki spoke with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi, who has produced and directed many of the company’s biggest games since he joined in 1991. The two had a wide-ranging discussion about the design intent behind the Nintendo Switch. Koizumi talked about the system being designed to let players look at each other instead of the game and the idea of the controllers making even handheld gaming a social experience without having to pick up a second system as we have in the past.

Who’s a good controller?

Talking about the interview on Twitter, Mochizuki said he’d mentioned to Koizumi that the Switch looks, to some people, like a dog. Koizumi told him that that’s exactly what his team was thinking when they were making it.

So, when you look down at your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip controller and see a googly-eyed pup in your hands, you’re not weird – you’re just seeing what Nintendo wants you to see. If you decide to pet the controller after that, you’ve earned any weird looks you get.