Intelligent Systems continues to deliver on its promise of launching frequent DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening, while we in America patiently await the 3DS release some time next year.

The latest missions each tackle opposite ends of the spectrum that Nintendo's secretly best franchise is known for. On one hand, Harvest Festival Bonds features a simple and lighthearted mission at a hot spring more centered on the game's cast and how their personalities clash. Fire Emblem always stars a wide variety of colorful characters from honorable thieves to loyal knights, but the rough-and-tumble battle system never gives their personalities a chance to shine without hard work.

For that matter, Path of the Grand Master map pack features the kinds of missions Fire Emblem fans are used to, nearly impossible to finish without total grasp of the game's system. The most difficult map is titled The Border Between Life and Death, pitting the army against undead foes and also adding elements on the map will that cause all allies to lose a single HP at the start of every turn. Veterans know that losing a character in Fire Emblem kills them of permanently, so this could be particularly difficult. Two more challenging maps can be found in the set.

The DLCs are priced at 200 and 250 yen, or around $3, respectively. No pricing plan has been announced for the American release yet. Also available through DLC are a large selection of characters from previous Fire Emblem games.

Nintendo has promised Fire Emblem: Awakening will be released some time next year for the 3DS.

[via The Verge]