Yesterday, we were one of several sites and publications that covered the fan remake of the first level in Super Mario 64 in Unity. The remake basically took Bob-Oom Battlefield and applied Super Mario Galaxy-esque graphics to it.

It was silly, it was fun, it was free without any intention of added monetization and, inevitably, it was noticed by Nintendo. The game and console maker issued a copyright infringement and takedown notice to the creator of the game and a friend hosting the files.

You can still get the game from the creator’s site as of this morning, though I imagine that link will fade away soon. A bunch of alternative mirrors have dropped as well.

Though, it doesn’t take an Internet genius to realize that this Super Mario 64 Unity remake will be up on torrent sites in the wake of Nintendo’s official takedown notice. Heck, it probably already is.

If a fan remake of a single level can explode in popularity like this, maybe Nintendo should consider doing an HD upgrade for Super Mario 64. It’s not really something I’m personally interested in, but clearly the want is present.