Well, of course Nintendo’s working on amiibo cards.

The amiibo have been selling like gangbusters, moving nearly six million figures worldwide. Of course Nintendo is going to find a way to spread that stuff even further, and cards sounds like an even cheaper way to do it.

While speaking with investors, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata offered that “In contrast to the current figure-shaped amiibo available, we will make amiibo in the form of cards this year as one of our future plans…”

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has mentioned this card stuff, either. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto talked about amiibo cards during a semi-annual financial results briefing in 2014. Here’s what he said then.

amiibo can take forms other than figures, too…

…For example, when amiibo become cards, we can create a game which can be played only by passing several cards over the NFC reader/writer, and the results will be stored in the amiibo card. I cannot discuss any of the details today, but amiibo has the potential to propose new ways to play card games.

Card games? Keep it affordable Nintendo. And, hey, while you’re at it, maybe try not to make the cards that gamers want so darn hard to find. Just a thought.