Nintendo is taking its steps out of the Stone Age one pace at a time, and on Thursday, it finally has the chance to thrive on social media. The company announced plans to end its controversial Creator's Program initiative, an idea which limited exposure and made its entire fanbase upset.

For those who don't know, the Creator's Program was put into place by Nintendo four years ago and acted as a way for Nintendo to regulate the YouTube and Twitch content containing its games. Nintendo was adamant about shutting down any non-Creator's Program channels' attempts to show off its footage, and the policy also allowed it to collect 60 percent of the ad revenue from those who submitted to their will.

As you can bet, the internet wasn't too happy with this program, and the idea behind it ran budding communities, like the one that formed around Super Mario Maker, straight into the ground.

With the removal of this draconian policy, YouTube personalities and Twitch streamers now have the ability to show off Nintendo's games without fear of reprisals from the company.

The program officially comes to a close at the end of December, and the company is no longer accepting any new channels.