For gamers on more traditional platforms, Mario needs no introduction. He’s been the staple of the medium since the 80s, and his company of characters are something Nintendo platform owners constantly experience… whether they want to or not.

For young mobile gamers who’ve only known the likes of Crossy Road and Angry Birds, Mario doesn’t exist the same way. What some consider the Mickey Mouse of gaming, younger gamers of today likely consider that thing his parents used to play.

Until Super Mario Run entered the picture, of course. The game has been downloaded 50 million times. Only Nintendo knows how many times it’s actually been paid for.

All those downloads include a bunch of people new to Mario

Obviously, Nintendo thinks they’re now hitting a demographic that’s unfamiliar with the plumber and his pals. They wouldn’t have spent the money to make and upload the video at the head of this post if that wasn’t the case.

I’m most interested in seeing if Super Mario Run translates to actual Nintendo hardware sales. Will these kids ask their parents for a 3DS or Switch after playing enough Super Mario Run?

I’m not so sure.