UPDATE: Nintendo has announced the first Pokémon entry for the Nintendo 3DSThis is Pokémon X and Y.

Nintendo has announced the first Nintendo Direct presentation of 2013. Running tomorrow morning at 6 AM EST, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will join the stream to share news about everyone's favorite pocket monster franchise.

Short and simple, here's the tweet from Nintendo of America's official Twitter account:

Join fans around the world tmrw for the 1st Nintendo Direct of 2013. Mr. Iwata will share a short message w/ Pokémon news @ 6 AM EST!

Man! 6 AM!? I'll be up for it, I suppose, begrudgingly. Here's hoping Nintendo blows my mind with news of something earth-shattering for Pokémon fans. If not, I'm gonna be super cranky.

Check back here tomorrow for more on this presentation and whatever else Nintendo's serving up.

What do you folks think it is? Another portable entry in the series? A new Pokémon? The much desired, full-fledged, console Pokémon for the Wii U? If that's what this is, I expect the world to crack in half once the news hits.