Nintendo has just announced that they've filled the vacant Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing position in the Nintendo of America arm of the corporation. The position was held by the oft-maligned Cammie Dunaway until the fall of last year; she left the gaming industry entirely at that time, after taking the lead on the Wii Fit and Nintendo DSi.

The replacement is another newbie to the gaming industry. Scott Moffitt will be the new Executve VP of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo of America, and he will report directly to NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime. Speaking strictly as a gamer here, hopefully his charisma matches the personality of the gaming industry at large. In fact, I'd love to see him bounce with the same swagger that Fils-Aime brings to every single meeting and presentation he's involved with.

Moffitt's background, as mentioned above, does not involve the gaming world. In fact, his large success stems from the arena of personal-care. From the press release sent out this morning:

Moffitt comes to Nintendo from Henkel Consumer Goods, where he oversaw North American operations for leading personal-care brands such as Dial, Right Guard, Tone and Pure & Natural. During his five years as senior vice president and general manager for the Personal Care division, he orchestrated an overhaul of the flagship Dial and Right Guard brands.

It seems Nintendo's snapping this executive up for his ability to reshape and rebrand existing products. That might be something Nintendo's after now that they've seemingly exhausted the success of the Wii. It's entirely possible that the company may have painted themselves into a corner by going after the casual crowd; these new gamers may not be willing to dish out the bucks for a new system so soon after their initial purchase. And, by going after the casuals, Nintendo has done a bit to seclude their more core base.

Fils-Aime spoke briefly about Moffitt's ability to drive growth, while not specifically noting his experience in brand overhauls:

Scott Moffitt makes a marvelous addition to the Nintendo team…His expertise in driving growth will be a terrific asset as we build momentum for the Nintendo 3DS system and continue to reach new audiences for the Wii console.

Nintendo will be unveiling their new console during E3 this June.