Remember back when we all questioned Nintendo's amiibo initiative? "What are they doing? Nintendo is supposed to be leading the industry, not follow in the wake of others' successes," the masses cried. Well, the company is now too busy swimming in money to remember that far back.

The latest reports from The NPD Group put amiibo figurines at a staggering 7 million worldwide to date. If it wasn't already obvious enough considering how difficult it can be to buy some of them, the company obviously is doing pretty well on its part. Profits are up because of the figurines, and that money can be put into developing better games and, of course, more amiibo.

So far, we have had waves of Super Smash Bros. amiibo, Mario Party 7 amiibo, the adorable yarn Yoshi amiibo, Splatoon amiibo, and the every impressive 30th anniversary old-school Mario amiibo. And if those ranks weren't enough, Animal Crossing amiibo are on the way and even third-party companies are being licensed the technology, like with Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight amiibo.

When is someone going to make an amiibo of all 718 Pokémon and their mega evolutions? More importantly, when is someone going to make an amiibo of me?

It's an amiibo world, we're just living in it.