New Nintendo 3DS Plates

Needless to say, if you want to customize your New Nintendo 3DS, then you're going to have plenty of options in Japan at least. A new update to the website reveals a handful of designs for the plastic plates which can be used to decorate the new handheld, ranging from simple stripes to Goombas and even one dedicated to the hit new franchise, Yokai Watch.

How much profit do you think Nintendo is making from each of these? They are selling cheap plastic cases for $15 a pop! Not half bad for a strategy to boost financial income.

However, these faceplates are only available for the "normal" sized New Nintendo 3DS and not the New Nintendo 3DS XL version. Sales reports show that the XL is far and away more popular than its smaller brother, so Nintendo might have to alter this course of thinking after a few months if it wants to capitalize on that statistic.

Any winners in this new bunch? Check out the website, enjoy some guilty pleasure J-Pop, and let us know which you like. I'm all about the Goombas and the Boos. All we can do is hope and pray that Nintendo grants Americans the same customizable options that it does its Japanese audience once the New Nintendo 3DS launches in early 2015.