The Wii U's Virtual Console has become something of a last ditch pit stop, a chance to squeeze as much out of a system as one can before it finally keels off and dies. With less than a month left before the console is ultimately replaced by superior technology and another generation, Nintendo has finally released a game that many have been asking for quite some time.

Harvest Moon 64, one of the more popular and endearing games from the series, will be available this Thursday, but there is no telling how long it is going to be a viable purchase.

Don't buy it, just wait!

Instead of a genuine attempt to give fans what they want, it feels more like Nintendo stringing a few more bucks out of them before making them wait months or years to pay a mandatory update for the Nintendo Switch version. Star Fox 64 and Mario Kart 64 were also released within the last month and Pokémon Snap launched in January, further escalating the idea that Nintendo held back on a few games we genuinely wanted to play and are looking to cash in.

If Nintendo were to make its plans for Virtual Console on the Switch available, then this wouldn't be an issue. But because we don't know, and the Virtual Console has a history of being wildly unpredictable, we can only speculate many different outcomes. Will it be a subscription based thing, as Joey has suggested? This would make the purchase totally useless.

Will players have to upgrade again like they did going from the Wii to the Wii U? This would mean you're buying the game and then the upgrade, whereas you could have just bought the game outright a few months down the line.

Is there even a shining light of hope that buying these classics within the last month of the Wii U's lifetime will mean they will be waiting for us for free when we upgrade to the Switch? Not likely, but anything is possible right now because shade has been thrown over the whole Virtual Console initiative.

I don't care how much you love retro games, don't buy this release. I am enthusiastic that I might have the chance to play it, but I'm not dropping a cent into Virtual Console until we get answers on how it's going to play out for the next five to six years.