Soul Saga

Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano has shed some light on what might be Nintendo's strategy for competing with Sony on the indie market, and that is to let devs have it all for free!

Provinciano claims in a Twitter post that not just him but every Wii U developer gets a free license and the ability to self publish.

This marks a huge turnaround from WiiWare which often saw indie developers complaining that it was ridiculously difficult to turn a profit on their games because it had to generate a certain amount of cash before they saw money. Even then, most of it ended Nintendo's hands anyway.

Nintendo has done pretty well in keeping up with Sony's indie aspirations, and a Wii U option has been popping up more and more often on popular Kickstarter campaigns recently.

It's good to see that Nintendo has openly embraced the indie market, because it could possibly make up for the lack of third party support the Wii U has seen of late. AAA third party gaming is still a big money maker, but as indie development grows bigger and bigger, the thought of playing these smaller titles alongside Mario and Link on one convenient console becomes more and more appealing.