Tantalus is the name of the studio that actually did the hard porting work behind getting The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in HD on the Wii U. It turns out that the job was earned through months of convincing.

CEO Tom Crago revealed in an interview that the reason they were even able to approach Nintendo about it in the first place came because of their work on an earlier game. That game was Top Gear Rally on the Game Boy Advance. After doing that project, the studio worked to keep the lines of communication with Nintendo proper open.

And they succeeded. After that, they turned their attention to Twilight Princess.

Here’s Crago on the process.

“[The process took] several months. I mean they are obviously an incredibly meticulous company, and we’re talking about a beloved property – one of the most beloved properties in the whole house of Nintendo, so we approached it very diligently and carefully, and we went to Kyoto a couple of times to meet with Aonuma-san and his team, and to talk to them about the work that we’d done and what we proposed to do on Twilight Princess, and then there are a series of experiments and tests and trials and so on before you have the opportunity to actually go into full development, and we are fortunate that we got that opportunity.”

We’re glad they were able to do it because Twilight Princess HD is a wonderful port.