I’m not even a parent (yet), and it was apparent to me immediately why Nintendo decided to make its Nintendo Switch cartridges taste like moldy cheese. The reason is to stop small children from choking on them!

Not a huge mystery folks, this is Nintendo we’re talking about here. The company is always ahead of the curve, and sometimes a little too far, when it comes to thinking about family issues like this. In regards to keeping choking to a minimum, the company decided to go with a chemical called denatonium benzoate. This non-toxic chemical acts as a bittering agent, and it tastes so awful that kids and animals will not be able to keep it in their mouths.

As for fully grown men who were silly enough to test this in the first place… well… Nintendo can’t protect all of us or, sadly, change the path of evolution.

I think this requires a video demonstration…

And I don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet… Joey?