Nintendo is going through a very nostalgic phase. It has released the NES Classic and SNES Classic that capitalize on our love for Nintendo consoles as well as the Virtual Console that makes it possible to play old school games on several Nintendo systems. The next logical console to address is the Gameboy, and Nintendo is prepping for something very special with its 8-bit handheld system according to a new trademark filing.

A Japanese trademark bot spotted a specific trademark filed by Nintendo that was accompanied by an image of the Gameboy. The image looks exactly like the original version of the handheld system released in 1989 with the beige case, black D-pad and red A and B buttons.

It just so happens that the 30th anniversary of the Gameboy is coming up in 2019. It would be a perfect opportunity for Nintendo to capitalize.

Early speculation of the Gameboy filing was that Nintendo would make a mini version of the Gameboy like just like it did with the Classic consoles, but that doesn’t seem likely. First of all, the original system was very small, and secondly, Nintendo already released smaller versions with later iterations of the line.

If this trademark becomes an actual product, we imagine it will just be a slightly smaller Gameboy will multiple classic games preinstalled like Super Mario Land, Pokémon Red and Blue and Metroid II: Return of Samus. That makes the most sense.

Whatever Nintendo does with the Gameboy, count us in as excited.