Nintendo will reportedly boost Switch production in an effort to meet increased demand during 2017 holiday season. The Japanese company's new console is still proving difficult to get hold of for many fans almost three months after making its debut.

Regardless of whether you're a Nintendo fan, it was impossible to not be excited by the Switch when Nintendo initially unveiled it. Who wouldn't want a powerful console you can take anywhere? But back then, it was still unclear whether the device would be a great success like the original Wii, or an overwhelming flop like the Wii U.

There are no questions anymore. Excitement for the Switch has been insane during its first three months on the market, with a huge number of potential customers still waiting to get their hands on one. Retailers say supply is nowhere near meeting demand, while early sales figures suggest the Switch could become Nintendo's best-selling console to date.

In an effort to reduce "customer tantrums" and capitalize on even greater demand during the 2017 holiday season, Nintendo will finally increase Switch production, according to the Financial Times. The company was initially planning to produce at least 16 million units; that figure has now risen to 18 million between now and March 2018.

FT notes that Nintendo has "denied that it had plans to boost production to that level, sticking to its official hardware shipment target" of 10 million units. However, analysts believe the company is actually on track to produce at least twice as many as that. It's thought the increase could lead to supply shortages of certain components — particularly the console's LCD display.

If you haven't already managed to bag yourself a Switch, then, you could get lucky in the coming months as increased supplies start making their way to retailers. Just hold onto your cash and be patient, and we can guarantee it will be worth the wait.