Nintendo has made great video games for over 35 years, longer than most gamers have even been alive. However, its recent performance on both the console and handheld markets has changed the way the company is looking at its business.

Following a 39.4 percent drop in profits and a $400 million drop in revenue from video games in general, President and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima is proposing to the board of directors an amendment to Nintendo’s purpose. This new amendment will not fundamentally change the company in any way, but instead, it will allow Nintendo to explore beyond video games.

Changes include manufacturing and distributing medical equipment, new forms of computer software, and most interestingly “eating establishments.” Yes, Nintendo could possibly be moving into the restaurant business. Of course, licensing out its characters will also be proposed in the change as well, seeing how Nintendo has benefited greatly from its characters being more available in the public eye.

Essentially, Nintendo is looking to expand how it connects with consumers. Video games on dedicated platforms only gets them so far, so the expansion and new dedication into mobile gaming as well as proposals for a park at Universal Studios show that the gears have already been turning on this new machine for quite some time.

Nintendo’s board of directors meeting is set to take place on June 29, and after that day, we might be seeing a new face and direction for the iconic company.