Have you secured a Nintendo Switch yet? I sure haven’t, but Nintendo is still confident in its belief that I, like many other Nintendo fans who don’t have a Golden Ticket yet, will be able to get one in a reasonable amount of time.

General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development Shinya Takahashi and Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development Yoshiaki Koizumi both sat down for a chat with The Telegraph, and they promised that they will keep a steady flow of consoles shortly after launch.

Finally as we head toward launch there has been some reports of stock shortages. Are you confident that anyone that wants a Switch will be able to buy one?

Takahashi Maybe within the first few days! It does sound like there might be a few shortages here and there, but once you get past that I think we’ll have a very steady flow. Some of our employees are worried about getting one… but we are making a lot!

While my dad would certainly love any excuse to give his camping gear a workout, I think I would rather just buy the Switch like a normal person this time around. Many people around the world won’t be happy if Nintendo drops the ball on this one.

Third-party announcements will be made soon

The Telegraph also touched on one of the hottest topics surrounding the Switch: Nintendo’s ability to lure in third-party companies and developers. When asked, Koizumi promised more announcements regarding third-party software soon.

What kind of things are you doing to help woo third-parties onto Switch?

Koizumi I think a lot of it comes down to the development environment we’re providing because these are third-party providers that are bringing games to Nintendo hardware we want to do everything we can to make that experience comfortable for them including providing support for Unity or Unreal 4 which are platforms a lot of people are already using.

So one example I can give of this is SnipperClips which is made by a very small development team in England, which uses Unity so they were able to develop it very quickly.

So are you looking to have more independent developers on Switch?

Koizumi Yes, in fact we already have a lot of indie developers that we’re talking to, with several teams working on several different projects.

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3.