Peach's Castle Super Mario 64

Don't go thinking that Nintendo is going to be conservative with this whole Universal Studios Japan idea. After all, the company just saw a $9 billion jump in stock after the release of Pokémon GO, and it needs somewhere to sink all that money into.

According to the Mainichi Shinbun, Nintendo is aiming to take down Harry Potter as the park's largest and most popular section. It is planning to "exceed" the size of the section, and while, of course, the park is going to focus on Mario, "many" IPs are being considered for inclusion.

The money is also a huge factor in that Harry Potter cost $400 million to construct, but the estimation for Nintendo's part is estimated at about $485 million.

My guess is that the 4 to 5 hour lines that Harry Potter originally saw will also be dwarfed by the size of Nintendo's lines.

My goodness. If Pokémon GO is still popular in 2020 by the time the park opens, can you imagine how much Nintendo could exploit that. We'd be once again back in the Wii days of printing money! Whatever, just as long as I get to frolic through Hyrule and eat some of Princess Peach's cake, I'm good.