Starting May 28, Nintendo will offer three new AR cards for the Nintendo 3DS. The cards will come with the Nintendo eShop codes you buy in stores. The only store to offer them in North America (at first, we assume) will be Target.

We received the set of three you see above from Nintendo yesterday afternoon.

AR cards… you remember those? The interesting cards that came in your 3DS’ box. There were six of them, and you can snap photos with them in the real world once you used the handheld’s AR recognition system.

It was silly, but interesting.

When you buy one of three separate separate $10 Nintendo eShop coupons at Target (as pictured at the head of this post), you’ll get to choose between Mario, Peach or a Goomba. You’ll be able to take the AR cards inside those eShop vouchers, open up the free Photos With Mario app on your 3DS and take pictures, like so.

Mario and Peach AR

The note that came with the cards suggested mixing and matching characters. We did, and the results were as you’d expect. Mario hates Goombas, man. I just don’t get it.

Hopefully the introduction of these cards means that Nintendo will expand the availability of characters down the line. Let’s see Mario with Luigi or Daisy with DK, right?

These cards, of course, will let you put money on your Nintendo account. Thanks to the fund unification that happened earlier this year, if you have your account linked to your 3DS and Wii U, you’ll be able to use the money on both shops.

Hello, 21st century!