Wow, I had to check my watch after that one. Nintendo clocked in at just 30 minutes worth of presentations, and then it finished into pure silence. I totally wasn’t ready for it to wrap up itself up. I just witnessed the best trailer of the year, Super Mario Odyssey and its infectiously catchy theme song, and just boom… over.

Come on, Nintendo! You had my undivided attention, and just letting me go like that was heartless. In this regard, the presentation was the exact opposite of Microsoft and Sony, both of which dragged out their announcements and trailers for far too long.

If given the choice between “too long” and “too short,” I take “too short” every time. And besides, Nintendo had more groundbreaking announcements in its half hour than Microsoft and Sony in their combined three hours of stage presence.

The gang is all here!

This is an E3 presentation in which we saw Mario, Kirby, Link, Yoshi, and yes, Metroid all in the span of half an hour. If only Nintendo was working on a new Donkey Kong title, my brain would just be mush at this point. Yes, I’m fanboying out a bit, but Nintendo is the only company that can drop the name of its popular franchises and make a room full of grown men blush. Some call it leaning too much on its classic franchises or “milking” as is the common term, but after thirty some odd years, hey, it obviously still works.

Yoshi and Kirby both look adequate, nothing I’m overly excited about yet. I’ll probably check them out for just the hell of it.

I’m also glad that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 turned up big at the show. I’ve come to like the shift in anime style after originally despising it, and now that the series is finally portable without too much sacrifice on the performance, I’ll finally be able to sink time into it while on the train to work. That’s the only place I possibly have time for an expansive RPG like this anymore, so again, thank you Switch for letting me take my games anywhere I want to go.

Super Mario Odyssey though is on a whole other level of awesome, from that catchy theme song to the Tyrannosaurus, to the clever hat mechanic and fun setting, everything about NIntendo’s unforgettable trailer was fantastic, and it guaranteed that Super Mario Odyssey will walk away as the most talked about game of E3 2017.

Let’s put it this way. Microsoft’s one goal was to get the pricing right on the Xbox One X, and it messed that up. Sony’s one goal was to not mess up, and it messed that up. Nintendo’s one goal was to sell a Super Mario game, and as usual, it passed with flying colors!

And as for the huge announcements, you know you’re doing alright if the seminal indie hit Rocket League coming to the Switch is the smallest of your news items. However, not even rocket car soccer can usurp the announcement of a mainline Pokémon game coming to the Switch. Nintendo didn’t confirm a title or reveal any gameplay points aside from it being an RPG, but just knowing that Pokémon is coming to the Switch is enough for me and probably millions of others.

Pokémon, finally playable on a telelvision after all these years!

Taking it a step further, you REALLY know Nintendo has big news if even Pokémon is not the biggest announcement of the show. I totally called it too, but as soon as I heard that Metroid Prime intro music kick in, I knew we were in for a good show. Metroid Prime 4 could be the biggest announcement of the entire convention, and I have no problem with that.

And then… boom! It’s over!

And then that was it. Metroid Prime 4’s announcement set up an exciting string of reveal trailers that sadly never even got started. Nintendo’s whole show clocked in under thirty minute. Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a few announcements including Metroid Prime 4, the best Mario trailer or indeed any trailer we’ve seen in years, and then nothing. Nintendo ran out of steam. What the heck!

It didn’t show off a single Nintendo 3DS game, and yet it still claims that it will be suporting platform for a few more years. It didn’t show off any indie titles outside of Rocket League, leaving starving Stardew Valley fans like myself cold and unsatisfied.

I want to go back to the farm on my Switch!

And I knew it was a longshot, but we didn’t hear anything about Virtual Console either. I’ve been playing Secret of Mana on my Switch all week, and the console is about as perfect for retro gaming as any console has ever been. This needs to happen sooner than later, Nintendo!

But no, nothing… Nintendo flexed its muscles, showed off all of the big games we wanted to see, gave us another taste of Super Mario Odyssey and yoink… out went the carpet. This other information and online services are clearly going to be available in 2018. Nintendo will let us know its plans after it has Switches in living rooms around the world.

You want a Switch for the holiday season…

Nintendo had a very clear and very brief message at E3 2017. You want to buy Super Mario Odyssey and you want to buy a Switch this holiday season. Nothing else matters right now. Super Mario Odyssey, Switch, and maybe that goofy Rabbids game to go alongside it. Everything else is just a distraction, even the Nintendo 3DS, Metroid Prime 4, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which Nintendo didn’t even give a release date for.

If that was Nintendo’s strategy for E3, then it succeeded. If I didn’t yet own a Switch, I would be buying one today after seeing that Mario trailer, and I would already have Super Mario Odyssey pre-ordered if I didn’t live in Japan.

Short, simple, and to the point, Nintendo had the best presentation between the three console developers this year. I’m thinking that perhaps Ubisoft had a better presentation in terms of getting information out there and introducing new games, but when I think about it, Ubisoft’s biggest moment in its presentation was for a Nintendo game.

Nintendo is doing so well that it wins other company’s E3 awards!