amiibo - Yoshi Donkey Kong Peach

The price drops are coming! The price drops are coming!

Nintendo has lowered the suggested retail price of three separate amiibo in its constantly growing and seemingly ever short in supply offering. Three amiibo are moving from the standard $12.99 price point to $9.99. Pencils down, that’s three bucks off. And, hey, if you don’t have any of them and buy them all at once? That’s nine bucks off. Math is tough.

The three amiibo you will be found at the discounted price are Peach and Yoshi of Mario fame, and Donkey Kong, the Italian plumber’s original nemesis.

Now, it’s safe to say that these price drops are present because these particular amiibo aren’t really moving quite like hotcakes. The rest of the brand? It’s doing very well. In fact, recent figures state that Nintendo’s has moved more than six million of these figures worldwide. That’s pretty good, especially considering they haven’t exactly wowed in the gameplay department.

So far, I think amiibo are for collectors. Which, hey, is fine. Nintendo needs a killer app for these figures if they want the sales pace to hold on, though.

Do you own any amiibo?