You say you’re curious about the overall look, tone and presentation of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii? Well, good thing Nintendo decided to unload exactly 30 brand new screenshots for the media to download and fans to ogle.

What’s included in these shots is mostly stuff from what appears to be the onset of Link’s newest adventure. The action is happening either on bird-back or in Skyloft, the island town suspended in the sky. Nintendo’s detailed a bit of these features already, and we covered some of that when their press release went around early last week.

You’ll also notice that Link hasn’t donned his green tunic in any of these shots, either. That, too, is representative of the fact that this action occurs early in the supposedly 50-100 hour adventure.

So, nerd comrades, dig in and enjoy. Skyward Sword will release on November 20th.

To hop into our gallery, just click any single image below. You’ll be able to flip through larger versions of the shots on an individual basis there.