Nintendo Direct 2013 - Satoru Iwata - 007

Nintendo has officially announced a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation for Thursday, November 12 at 5pm ET. We’ll have the stream here on TechnoBuffalo.

This is the first Direct from the company since President Satoru Iwata’s passing. The Nintendo Direct was always helmed by Iwata, so it will be interesting to see how the company honors the game maker’s legacy and handles the show itself. Will it have a somber moment? Or, will Nintendo stick to business?

Hard to say.

As for the content of the Direct presentation? The Direct is set to provide “updates about upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.”

We’ll have the stream live a few minutes before the show starts on Thursday. I expect we’ll hear about Xenoblade Chronicles X, the new Animal Crossing board game for Wii U, some DLC for Super Mario Maker and hey, maybe a surprise or two about bigger, upcoming known titles.

What are you hoping to see?