By some miracle, the Nintendo Switch has emerged as the preferred home console for the indie market. Maybe it’s the convenience of taking indie hits anywhere you go on a slick HD screen, or maybe it’s the old timers who played on Nintendo consoles as kids and find similar experiences in today’s indie markets.

It’s all a mystery, but somehow, the once impenetrable fortress of Nintendo has become a bastion for all to participate and make some hard earned dollars in.

Next week’s Nintendo Direct, scheduled for Tuesday Aug. 28 at 12:00 PM EST/9:00 AM PT, will focus solely on the indie titles you’ll be able to buy on Nintendo’s platform for the remainder of the year.

With hits like Dead Cell and Hollow Knight, Nintendo already had a remarkable summer, but the two biggest heavy-hitters of the year are yet to come.

We’re likely to finally get a release date for the indie masterpiece Hyper Light Drifter, which has been confirmed to be making its debut on a Nintendo console for the first time this year or maybe next. Shovel Knight, the indie sensation that just keeps on giving, should also finally get around to its King Knight DLC, sadly closing out what has been one of indie gaming’s most impressive runs.

The one and only Undertale is due for release in September, but doesn’t have a secured date just yet. Skullgirls also lacks a locked release date despite having been confirmed for the console.

And, dare I say it, will we be getting news of Indivisible, the feel-good crowd-funded game that brought us all together for the briefest of times? We know it’s coming to the Switch, but progress or a release window still evades us.

So many questions, we’ll have to wait until next week to hear!